Carrot & Sean on Tour

Wine tasting in Margaret River

After a spontaneous car purchase, we ventured down to Margaret River and the many wineries it has to offer! Jen had just arrived and so we had planned a winetastic weekend with Heather, Craig, Ebba, Shawn and Ros.

We arrived at our hostel and got straight to it. We enjoyed a day of driving from winery to winery tasting all that they had and buying a few for the evening along the way.

We enjoyed an afternoon dip at the beautiful Smith’s beach before carrying on sampling wine and eventually headed back to the hostel for an absolute beast of a BBQ.

The following day we headed to Hamelin Bay, another turquoise paradise, famed locally for its huge resident friendly sting rays. We walked to the sea and instantly you could see these huge dark shadows gliding through the blue sea. They came right up to the beach for a tickle and at one point we thought they were going to get stuck on the sand, but their slimy slippery bodies ensured they made it back into their watery abode. It was insane how huge they were and they were amazing to watch so close and in their natural habitat. After a spot of sunbathing we ventured out to a few more wineries before driving home, spotting camels and roos on the way.   


Penguin Island

We took a day trip to Penguin Island. It took us around 2 hours to get there due to slow Sunday transport and when we arrived the sandbar walkway was closed and we had to wait a further 2 hours due to the school holiday queue for the ferry.

When we did eventually get to the Island we took a nice walk around the small Island, however unfortunately there were no penguins. We saw 5 miniature penguins in the little sanctuary they had on the Island but no wild ones. We took a boat trip to neighbouring Seal Island where we spotted some dolphins on the way over, On Seal Island there were around 16 giant beasts sunbathing on the beach and it was nice that the boat didn’t get too close to disturb them.

Penguin Island was a nice little trip but definitely don’t wttempt it on a Sunday in the School holidays!

Sandboarding at Lancelin

After 2 weeks of Christmas indulgence we decided to venture out for the day with Chez and Gez for a morning of Sandboarding at Lancelin, only an hour and a half North of Perth, we set off early to avoid the midday heat.

We arrived and stopped off at a local store to hire our boards. For only 10 bucks the boards were ours for the following 2 hours, we headed to the dunes and were pretty taken aback by their size. We had literally just driven off the coast and it was like we were suddenly in the middle of a desert!

We clambered up the sandy dunes and enjoyed the fast slide back down, a couple of times….By the time it hit 9.30 am we were all absolute sweaty messes and were craving a dip in the blue ocean that was just a stones throw away.